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1. Mark out your designed fence line using a maximum two metre gap between posts.Identify the position of each post by lightly installing, loosely, a steel 3 or 4 inches into the ground having previously scraped the ground around where the post will sit. If you have to shorten any rail …now is the time to do it and review the position of the steels. When you are satisfied with your layout hammer the supplied steels into the ground so that half the length of the individual steels are below the ground, meaning half will be above ground.

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2. Loosely lay the posts over the half sunk steels by using the back chamber of the post this is the chamber with the vertical ridges (see diagram) and take your time viewing the line to make sure that positioned correctly. Any adjustments required will need to be made now. Now you are ready to assemble

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3. Double check your line, positioning and height of the posts so that they look symmetrical. Insert the rails into the centre of the posts so that the are almost touching leaving a gap of around 2mm or 1 inch. This allows for a small amount of expansion and contraction.

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4. The fence is now loosely assembled. Now fill the chamber to just above the top of the steel (no higher) with postcrete to produce a steel reinforced concrete post encased in PVC …or fill with sand for a post that is not expected to receive heavy use but will remain very stable. Fill to the top of the post with water. Push or poke the dry sand/postcrete as the water drains through to remove any bubbles. If you decide to use wet cement you obviously do the same without added water.

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5. During this drying and setting period you can make minor adjustments to the line with light tapping, if required, to ensure that the installation is exactly straight. Finish the installation by capping off with the supplied caps. These can be left loose or we recommend a small amount of any proprietary impact glue.

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6. Corners are simple to install simply make sure you lay out the design on the ground – using corners as part of the design before you start installing the posts. The corner pieces slot into the mortice holes in the posts similarly to the rails.

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